We got in! – The Peak Performance Project 2013

It’s still sinking in! We’re absolutely floored to have been chosen as the Top 20 for this years Peak Performance Project. This is a huge career building step for new artists that has been put together by 102.7 The Peak and Music BC. The Project includes performing at the Khatsahlano Fest July 13th, a music boot-camp, live showcases and some amazing funding to help artists reach their career goals.

Tune into 102.7FM Thursday June 20th between 7:45am and 7:45pm to hear my song “Walking Man” showcased for the day. It’s hard to believe how many things are going on right now, and I have to thank everyone who has supported my band and I along our journey. As for the Peak Performance Project, we’ll be ready for you!

Big news! Shorefest 2013.

Things are definitely shaping up for a great summer! At a press conference on Tuesday it was released that my band I would be playing this years Shorefest for the Honda Celebration of Light along with Juno award winning musician Serena Ryder! Radness! I was also presented this sweet gold-record for my Best of BC win from the fine folks @ 104.3 The Shore. I love you guys. Bring on the summer!


Drive (Live at Grandma’s)

Fresh off the grill. Here it is! A new song called “Drive”, a song about the struggles of building a career in the arts” The song will be featured on “The Drive”, a new web-series that chronicles the lives of five roommates struggling to carve their own path while living on East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Deck 7 Films & Ian Mcleod Video Production, Claude Laforest and of course Grandma!

A Quarter By The Phone

Here’s a new song we filmed while hanging out in one beautiful cabin in Nicola Valley, British Columbia. We are thinking this song may be a good fit for our sophomore album? Special Thanks – Rebecca and Megan for their help and to Al & Chris for letting us stay in there amazing cabin!

“Walking Man” selected in the Top 10 (We need your help!)

The last few months have been amazing!

In November my song “Walking Man” was chosen out of many entries and I was named 104.3FM The Shore’s Best Of BC contest winner with the prizes being $10,000 and radio play of my song for the month of November. Also, my band and I were asked to play an opening slot this December for the 11th Annual Ugly Sweater Party at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. It’s hard for me to even fathom stepping foot on this stage let alone actually perform to a projected sold-out crowd! There are so many things happening right now for my band and I, but I’ll cut to the chase.


Just today I found out the song “Walking Man” has also been selected in the top 10 of the The Rocky Mountaineer Train’s song contest! The winning song will be used in The Rocky Mountaineer train’s upcoming promotional video and the winner will also be rewarded with a $5000 prize and the chance to produce the song with legendary producer Garth Richardson. This prize would mean so much to my band and myself and would allow us to progress as a professional band and expand our audience.

So here it is: to help decide which entry will win voting is open to the public for the next 14 days. You can vote once per day and make sure to share this link around

You can vote by following the link below:


Thank you so much!

The Shores Best of BC

Just over a year ago, shortly after my album release, I wrote a cheque to myself for $10,000. In the memo space I wrote, “It will happen” and in the notes space I wrote, “Album Sales”. Some of you might think this is purely coincidental, but I believe there is a story here worthy of sharing. I propped up this cheque against my computer monitor and was diligent to ensure that if the cheque accidentally fell off the computer desk to immediately put it back up into place. Every so often I would take a look at the cheque to remind myself of what this goal meant for me. 

Have you ever made an effort to push yourself outside of your comfort zone in order achieve a personal goal? The reward can be amazing. It can be an exciting time and these are the things that will define you as a person, but it doesn’t come without sacrifice. My sacrifice was leaving a steady paying job to pursue music and I had to accept the fact that I would initially incur financial debt in order to focus entirely on my goal.  Over the recent few months, I have found it more and more difficult to accept the state of my debt. The cheque drifted from its home on my monitor, but it never disappeared.

Last week I got a call saying that I had won Vancouver’s Shore 104.3 contest for submitting my song called “Walking Man”; the prize was $10,000! After I got off the phone with the radio I saw the cheque I wrote to myself a year ago sitting there happily on my desk. I felt that if this cheque could talk it would have said, “I told you so!” I still have a lot to learn but I figure the moral of my story is: hard work equals good luck and the harder you work the luckier you can be. I just wrote a cheque to myself for $100,000, a lofty goal that I’m confident I can achieve if I work hard enough.

The song “Walking Man” is a snapshot of my existence two years ago when I made the biggest change of my life and left a corporate sales job to focus entirely on music.
Thanks again to The Shore 104.3 for opening the doors for the success of my band!
PLEASE GO REQUEST “WALKING MAN” HERE! http://www.shore104.com/Requests.aspx

Full story. http://www.shore104.com/BestOfBC.aspx